We know that when one is a "visitor" somewhere it can be a little overwhelming.  Do I fit?  What are these people talking about?  Do they even want me here?  And, here at CCC we do not desire for that to be your experience.  When you arrive you will find warm, friendly people who are trying to navigate through this life by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The worship songs and messages during our Sunday gatherings are meant to be Biblical, relevant and soul stirring.  A very meaningful time during our gatherings is when we celebrate Communion together.  

We remember what Jesus has done for us in the form of his ultimate sacrifice, and open our hearts to a deeper response.

Here at Countryside we believe that living in community with others is a non-negotiable.  This means we encourage every family to get plugged into a Group.  This is where you will have the opportunity to grow in your understanding of God's Word, serve others and develop much needed accountability.  We desire Groups to grow to become a part of the DNA of this fellowship of believers.

In short, we care about the family!  We know that every child is best discipled by his/her parents.  When this is not possible due to circumstances outside of the child's control we, the church, see it as our God-given responsibility and blessing to disciple the Next Generation!

We hope that we have a chance to meet you!  Any of our staff would love to have a cup of coffee with you and get to hear your story. Contact us at the church office or by email anytime.

Nate Bruns
Lead Minister